2020 Democratic Contenders

Let’s pin this to the front page and keep a running list. Hit up the comments any time you come across important updates on the intentions of any of these folks:

*Legitimate Candidates*
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota)
Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio)
Sen. Kamala Harris (California),
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (New York)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts),
Former VP Joe Biden

*Legitimate Longshots Worth Following*
Beto O’Rourke (Texas)
Mayor Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles)
Gov. John Hickenlooper (Colorado)
former Gov. Deval Patrick (Massachusetts) withdrew Dec 2018.
Sen. Corey Booker (New Jersey)
Mayor Mitch Landrieu (New Orleans)
Gov. Steve Bullock (Montana),

*Candidates Who are Running for Reasons Other Than to Win*
Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont),
former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Virginia)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (New York)
Rep. Tim Murphy (OH)
Rep John Delaney (Maryland)
former Attorney General Eric Holder

*Irrelevant Candidates Who Will Be Ignored by Everyone But the Press*
Howard Schulz (Starbucks CEO),
Tom Steyer (billionaire),
former Mayor Michael Bloomberg (New York City),
Michael Avenatti (obnoxious lawyer) withdrew Dec 2018
Richard Ojeda (Trump supporting WV Democratic activist)

If you know even the tiniest bit of history….

When the Irish arrived on the shores of our east coast in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, they were treated with precisely the same sort of contempt as those arriving at our southern border today. Lazy, disease-ridden, unintelligible, good-for-nothings who refused to integrate into larger American society and who were going to destroy everything that supposedly made America. All the predictions made about the Irish were wrong in precisely the same ways the current predictions were wrong. All of them.

Source: Luck Of The Irish: Paul Ryan Pushes For Influx Of Irish Visas In Nod To Ancestry – Talking Points Memo