Delegate Tab Dump

Long weekend filled with lots of interesting stories, but if I wait until I have time to give them the attention they deserve, I’ll never blog again. So I’m bringing back something I used to do on the old blog – a bullet-pointed tab dump! 

  • The RNC has launched a website to educate the public on the rules and processes of their upcoming convention. I’m sure it’s entirely a coincidence that the launch happened the same day Trump decided to meet with the Chairman of the Party. And I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Ben Ginsburg, the guru of the party’s convention rules, was there on the same day.
  • Rolling Stone has a pretty solid primer to contested conventions; so does Vox. You’re going to hear a lot about Rule 40B over the coming months, but for now pay no attention to that chatter. Some rules carry over from convention to convention, but the current version of Rule 40B is NOT one of them. The rules that set the conditions for candidate consideration have not yet been written or adopted. There will be a very real and very consequential fight over those rules, but that fight has not yet happened.
  • Over the past 48 hours or so, Trump made all kinds of crazy statements, even by his usual (or is it unusual?) standards. I’m not going to cover all of those statements here, since I’m not trying to blog about everything under the political sun. But one of the statements is worth mentioning here, since it may end up  costing Trump delegates. South Carolina requires all candidates to sign a party loyalty pledge, and breaking that pledge could potentially trigger a credentials challenge at the convention this summer. Trump won South Carolina, a winner-take-all state, but now that he has publicly and repeatedly announced that he is breaking that pledge…the door is open for the Cruz campaign to challenge all 50 of Trump’s delegates.
  • Ted Cruz is trying to get John Kasich off the ballot in Montana. This perfectly illustrates why it won’t take “party elders” or “party elites” to cause chaos at the convention. All it will take is self-interested candidates who are willing to put their own interests ahead of those of the party. Self-interested candidates like Cruz and Trump. No elders or elites necessary!
  • The fight over delegates in Louisiana is growing increasingly heated. And yes, I totally agree with TPM, it is very much a sign of things to come. Cruz appears to have secured an additional 10 delegates from the state, and more importantly, five of the state’s six spots on the rules committee. Trump appears to have learned from this mistake and is in the process of organizing his own delegate effort, up to and including an announced intention to use the rules to challenge the seating of these delegates. Even more here, and then see previous bullet for the most likely consequences of this.
  • Rubio, meanwhile, is working to preserve a role for himself at the convention. I can’t imagine much will come of this, but it is worth watching nonetheless.
  • Here’s an acronym that is likely to get some use over the coming months: SINO, supporter in name only. And it could add yet another wrinkle to the entire convention process.
  • This quote is too fantastic to not include: “Sir, with all due respect, that’s the argument of 5-year-old,” Cooper told Trump. “Every parent knows a kid who says, ‘He started it.'”
  • And in case you were wondering, no, Trump’s voters are not angry about the economy. Nor are voters in general more angry than usual.

There…I’m caught up!

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