Convention Funding

Not all that long ago, public money was used to fund the party conventions. Tea Party Republicans thought this a waste of taxpayers dollars, so they undid that system, replacing it with one in which corporations foot the bill. Because America is more free when corporations fund it, just like the Founders intended. Wait…that’s not why I’m here. This is why I’m here:

…some businesses and trade groups are privately debating whether to scale back their participation, according to interviews with more than a dozen lobbyists, consultants and fund-raisers directly involved in the conversations. Apple, Google and Walmart are among the companies assessing their plans for the convention, which will be held July 18 to 21 in Cleveland.

Coke has already drastically reduced its donation, and Walmart has yet to pony up anything. Apple, Google, Cisco, and a number of other major corporations are also actively reconsidering their involvement. 

Democracy is a complex, interlocking set of institutions, and you mess with them at your own peril. 

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