Interesting Things I Read Today

Leaving Brexit for someone else to cover…

  • “at its core, it’s the last stand of old people who have been frightened to death by cynical right-wing media empires and the demagogues who enable them—all of whom have based their appeals on racism as overt as anything we’ve seen in decades.” [Kevin Drum]
  • “The NYPD’s Office of the Inspector General has just released a statistical analysis of “broken windows” policing and concluded that there’s no evidence to support the idea — meaning that around 100,000-500,000 New Yorkers (overwhelmingly brown people) were stopped and frisked by cops every year, for more than a decade, for no evidence-based reason. “
  • Mark Cuban has made it pretty clear that he thinks Donald Trump is quite what he claims. TPM’s Josh Marshall sat down for an email interview with Cuban to discuss Trump, and the results are interesting. This was good: “I wouldn’t say broke. I would say he is afraid of spending his remaining cash.”
  • “a note from a young veteran about why serious attention to the realities of the military matters — and despite all the “Salute to the Heroes!” halftime observances, is still not taking place.” [James Fallows]
  • Robert Kagan, a high profile supporter of Presdient Bush and the war in Iraq, has apparently decided to back Hillary Clinton. As have a whole bunch of very high profile business leaders. How long until we get the “confessions of a Republican” stage of the campaign a la LBJ in 1964?
  • Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) is using his opposition to his party’s nominee as a central point in his campaign for reelection. And that’s likely cost less for Kirk, since Trump as yet has shown no interest in campaigning in swing states. What a bizarre election. 
  • Donald Trump has apparently decided to start raising money. His campaign is claiming $11 million, but something about the way that number is being reported seems off. His son is claiming that $6 million was raised in response to Trump’s promise to match $2 million dollar for dollar, but also that this promised sum isn’t in the total. But the rest…well…it’s really hard to say!  I guess we’ll have to wait a few weeks for next month’s filings release.
  • He’s also announced that he’s not seeking repayment for the $50 million he loaned his campaign, but has yet to file the paperwork making that promise legally binding. Maybe the campaign is just slow? That would be in keeping with most of the rest of its actions I suppose…
  • Trump is running his campaign like a real estate deal, and waht that says about the state of his campaign isn’t great.
  • “As delivered, Trump’s remarks call into question whether he has the capacity to sustain a thematic line of criticism against Clinton beyond the “Crooked Hillary” sobriquet he perfected on Twitter. Though scripted, Trump’s remarks were scattershot and defensive.” [Brian Beutler]
  • The DCCC is targeting 30 districts as part of a concerted campaign to retake the House this cycle. That….that’s an amazing sentence. 
  • “His strategy is based entirely on getting free media, but, with only one opponent, this strategy has a fatal flaw.” [Alex Shephard]
  • I for one welcome our future robot overlords! And when they come, they will be covered in hair-thin solar cells.
  • “As he looks toward the end of his term, Barack Obama is rolling out a series of initiatives to relax licensing rules. He knows he’s not going to pass transformative liberal ideas like comprehensive immigration reform or a carbon tax. So instead, he’s focusing on common sense, incremental reforms that make peoples’ lives better without raising any ideological red flags.” [Matt Yglesias]
  • “Pundits who stick to their priors even when the data tells them to abandon ship are not faring well this year.” [Ezra Klein]

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