Four Thoughts on Tonight

Four thoughts on tonight:

1) I don’t think it is a coincidence that almost all of the disruptions tonight came from the California delegation. That’s the one state that’s so far in the bag for the Democrats that you could get a double-digit vote for the Greens and still get a big victory for Hillary Clinton in the Fall. The delegations from the swing states were, by all accounts across all networks, already essentially unified.

2) Given that 45% of the delegates in the hall were Bernie delegates, there were far fewer disruptions than I would’ve expected on Day One. If the party really was deeply divided, you would’ve seen total chaos given that split. And yet….

3) Cory Booker and Michelle Obama? If either one ever runs, either one wins. I’m not sure that either will run, but I’m as sure of that predictions tonight as I was when I said the same thing about Obama back on that night in 2004.

4) I’m disappointed that no one managed to sneak a paper-mache puppet into the hall. Up your puppet game, aging hippies!

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