Dershowitz Lost the Plot a LONG Time Ago. Even So….

Even by his recent standards, this is crazy:

It’s so ironic. People complain all the time that President Trump may have dangled pardons in front of people and that constitutes tampering with witnesses and bribery,” he said. “Think of what the government does every day, what prosecutors do every day. They literally bribe witnesses by their freedom, sometimes their life and their money.”

Leaving aside how badly he’s misusing the concept of irony for a minute….the obvious differences here are that a) Trump is dangling pardons in an effort to stop people from assisting the government in its investigations of wrongdoing, and that b) Trump and has family are among the investigation’s targets. So like…no…that’s not how you use the word “ironic,” and no, they’re not even remotely similar. They’re the opposite.

Source: Dershowitz: Trump Talk Of Pardons Same Thing As Prosecutors’ ‘Bribe’ Of Witnesses – Talking Points Memo

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