The Quid Pro Quo Was Even Tighter Than I Imagined – emptywheel

In the end, as Marcy has been explaining for what must be years now, the conspiracy was pretty simple and obvious:

The Trumps were monetizing this running-for-President thing, and they were happy to make campaign promises to Russians bearing dirt, because the point wasn’t to actually win the election. It was about the hundreds of millions they stood to gain….

The Russians exploited Trump’s most venal instincts and those of all the people around him. And all the election help and policy payoffs were just side shows to Trump. So long as he showed a willingness to damage Hillary Clinton in any way available, the Russians were happy to have him believe this was just about a silly tower in Moscow.

There wasn’t a grand plan besides making money. They were pretty damn sure they were going to lose, and didn’t take seriously at all the idea that the Russians might interfere enough to tilt the balance in their favor. Winning just wasn’t what they expected to happen, and once it did, they had no choice but to stall and lie in the hope that maybe, just maybe, people would lose interest.
Thing is, as I’ve been saying for years if not decades, that’s just not how Madison’s institutional designs works. They grind slow but they grind fine, and they were designed to handle just this sort of corruption. Not at the speed us moderns would prefer, sure, but handle it the will. And are.
2019 is the year this come crashing to an end. Between the multiple ongoing investigations and the recession that’s inevitably going to hit, the bottom is about to fall out for Trump, his family, and all their enabler inside and outside the GOP.

Source: The Quid Pro Quo Was Even Tighter Than I Imagined – emptywheel

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