Why don’t demands for “law and order” ever apply to our tax laws?

Tax law enforcement is one of those rare activities that truly pats for itself, and yet here we are, gutting IRS enforcement in a manner quite precisely designed to benefit the rich. Funny how all those demands that we “follow the laws as written” never apply to these particular laws, innit?

This GOP war against the IRS has been going on since the mid-90s, when Republicans first started describing IRS agents as jackbooted thugs knocking down doors at midnight and scaring the women and children. But in 2010 Republicans won control of the House—and finally they could really do something to help their donors. And they did. They trashed the IRS enforcement staff and cut the revenue from audits by more than a third, from $23 billion to $14 billion.

Source: Here’s How the Rich Get Their Money’s Worth From Republicans – Mother Jones

Much MUCH more here: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/how-irs-was-gutted

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