The Dam is Finally About to Burst

Marcy is going with the “walls collapsing” metaphor. I like the “bursting dam” metaphor myself. But either way, the point is the same. We are rapidly approaching the endgame, and everyone knows it. The people who have leverage over Trump recognize that the expiration date on what they’ve got is fast approaching, and so they’re starting to lean in on Trump and hard. That’s leading Trump to act even more erratically than usual, and more importantly, to cross some very serious red lines for the hawks that make up the backbone of the Republican establishment.

Trump is, on a dime and without warning our closest allies, rolling up the American Empire. And he’s doing it not because he’s a peacenik, but because ruthless, committed authoritarians have convinced him he needs their continued approval more than he needs the approval of even the Republican hawks in the Senate.

Source: The Moving Parts: The Walls Come Down around Trump | emptywheel

Mattis’ resignation today was the first visible crack in the dam. More resignations are undoubtedly going to follow over the next week, and each will mark another very visible sign that the dam is about to break. We have at most six weeks until Mueller delivers his report. I’d be willing to bet the dam holds until then. But after? No way,

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