Once upon a time, Clinton met Lynch on a Plane

Remember that time when the spouse of a presidential candidate met briefly with the AG on a plane while the candidate was under investigation? Remember how uniquely unfit you said that made the couple for the White House? How loudly and endlessly you insisted it was corrupt even if they never discussed the investigation? How creating the appearance of impropriety was as bad as impropriety itself?

Yeah, about that: amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/12/21/politics/trump-lashed-out-at-whitaker-after-explosive-cohen-revelations/index.html

I know. Posts like this don’t change their minds. I know. That’s not why I write them.

I dont write to change their minds. I write so that the next time our people are in power, and the next time they start up with their outrage over some plausible sounding source of outrage, you remember. They mean none of it. The arguments sound principled, but if the principles are only ever applied to their opponents then they aren’t principles at all.

Remember this.

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