Bernie vs Beto

I’ve longer wondered what it would take for people to move on from Bernie. I’m hoping maybe this, at least for some, will be one of the things that does it.

Forces loyal to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are waging an increasingly public war against Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, the new darling of Democratic activists, as the two men weigh whether to seek the party’s presidential nomination in 2020.

The main line of attack against O’Rourke is that he isn’t progressive enough — that he’s been too close to Republicans in Congress, too close to corporate donors and not willing enough to use his star power to help fellow Democrats — and it is being pushed almost exclusively by Sanders supporters online and in print.
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Bernie has never cared about anyone other than Bernie. Given his position, he could’ve worked an inside-outside game to move the Democratic Party left, but that would’ve been hard, and it would’ve required humility. More directly, he could’ve used his 2016 campaign to develop an entire generation of new leaders, but that too would’ve been hard and would’ve required humility. And now, here we are, with a new star rising on the left, and what is he doing? Having his people undercut him rather than build him up. Why? Because although Bernie’s rhetoric has always been about the cause of unity, his actions have always been about advancing the cause of Bernie.

Beto will win this war with Bernie. I cannot imagine a more fitting end to Sanders’ career than to be made irrevant by a punk rock activist.

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