New player, same pattern

Some interesting new details on Manafort’s work on behalf of Russian interests around the world. When you step back and take it all in, what you see Manafort engaging in a series of near-identical interventions on behalf of Russia, of which his work with Trump was only the last in a long series.

At the time, the fact that a guy with tons of experience working on behalf of Russian oligarchs would suddenly who up and volunteer his services to Trump for free made no sense. No one chooses to become a volunteer campaign manager, not at that level, and especially not after having spent decades working elsewhere. And yet Manafort did. Then, all of a sudden and out of nowhere, the GOP reverses its official position on Ukraine, and Russians suddenly start reaching out with both covert and overt offers of support for the campaign. And then, when Manafort’s role in all that starts to get attention, he leaves his official campaign role while his deputy and partner stays behind.

You can think that’s all random happenstance if you want, but given how utterly unprecedented and illogical it all is in the absence of the Russian explanation….

Anyway. Interesting new details in this story from Time:

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