My First Reactions to Elizabeth Warren’s Run

Looks like the Senator from this great Commonwealth has officially tossed her hat into the ring. Great! Some initial reactions, in no particular order:

  1. She’s got about as progressive a domestic policy agenda as any congress in the next five to ten years is ever likely to pass. That’s fantastic.
  2. She has very little foreign policy experience, and although she sits on the Armed Services Committee, she hasn’t really even begun to outline a vision for her foreign policy. That’s not so fantastic, but there’s still plenty of time to take care of that. Worth watching how she does it, as it will be the most obvious tell as to whether she’s running to win the presidency or win something else.
  3. She’s handled the stupid “controversy” around her family’s story of Native American heritage about as stupidly as the controversy itself. Given that Trump only has one move per opponent, however, I don’t think that much matters. He’ll scream Pocahontas, his base will cheer, and everyone else will think “seriously guy?” That said, if her reaction to this is a model for her reaction to other similarly stupid things, it doesn’t bode well at all for her run.
  4. She’s likely to be a top contender for the spot, and that’s likely to have really positive policy consequences for the party, but she isn’t likely to win the primary. If I were betting money, I’d put it on her as the VP. Like Biden before her, I think she would make a truly fantastic Veep.

Sources: Washington Monthly | Warren’s 2020 Candidacy Will Center on New Rules for Corporate America ; Kevin Drum’s Elizabeth Warren is In


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