They Don’t Care About Information Security

The behaviors that dominated the campaign continue deep into the administration. Because of course they do.

People who are genuinely concerned about these sorts of things will focus on the flaws in the underlying policies while also pursuing the misuse or misapplication of currently policy. They pursue a non-zero-sum both/and strategy rather than a zero-sum either/or one. I made this point over and over and over again during the campaign, and it appears now I’ll have to start making it over and over again here too:

The President and his TV lawyer continue to spin a contractor’s failure as an attempt on Mueller’s part to obstruct justice. Perhaps it’s time the focus shifted to the contractor who still continues to fail 10% of the time?

…The government contractor whose “bug” was responsible for the text messages that weren’t originally archived (but which were later recovered) still can’t ensure more than 90% of FBI’s texts are recovered

…If Trump really cared that FBI wasn’t archiving all its texts and continues to fail to do so, he should command Big Dick Toilet Salesman Matt Whitaker to ensure that FBI make purchasing decisions (perhaps starting by replacing the Samsungs with more secure iPhones) that will result in full archival records.

But he didn’t do that. Perhaps it’s time for journalists to start asking why he’s not demanding better of DOJ and FBI going forward?

Source: If Trump Is So Concerned that a DOJ Contractor Failed to Archive Texts, Why Not Hold the Contractor Accountable? | emptywheel

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