Hey Democrats, some advice: Notify everyone right now that if Trump declares an emergency to build a wall, you’ll do it to fight climate change

Be proactive. Don’t bank on vague claims of slippery slopes. Get out in front of this. Y’all want this to be how things work now? Fine. Then it’s how things work now. Be specific. Be proactive. Announce exactly how you will use this precedent the next time a Democrat holds the presidency.

Either they go ahead with it anyway, in which case you’ll be able to point back to that when they later pretend to be outraged, or they will stop entirely with this talk of “national emergencies.”

This is a win-win position for you. Be smart. Act now. They already see the potential in this. Make it real.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board issued a warning on Thursday, arguing that while the courts could potentially step in on Trump’s emergency declaration, there’s no guarantee that would happen.

“If Mr. Trump did win in court, a President Elizabeth Warren might take the precedent as a license to circumvent Congress whenever it is political expedient,” the editorial board wrote. “Rising carbon emissions or even income inequality could be declared national emergencies.”

Even Fox News has cautioned against a national emergency declaration. Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade on Thursday said it would “be a disaster in the big picture, and it would show us at being inept and unable to govern around the world.” He added that it would set a “terrible precedent.”

Source: Trump’s national emergency: Republicans worry about precedent for Dems – Vox

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