Giuliani now admits Trump Tower Moscow negotiations continued thru the election.

Mueller already knows this, of course, which among a variety of things means he has Don Jr dead to rights on perjury. Oops.

In an interview Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Rudy Giuliani said conversations extended as far as October or November of 2016 — precisely around the time Donald Trump was elected president. If accurate, Giuliani’s comments dramatically extend the timeline of the business dealings behind the now-defunct plans to build Trump Tower Moscow, plans which have drawn questions about possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

Until recently, talks led by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen were believed to have ended in June 2016. Now it appears they actually took several more months to “peter out.” 

Asked by NBC News host Chuck Todd clarify the timeline of negotiations, Giuliani said he didn’t have exact dates, but thought it was around the time of the election.

So while Putin was trying to help Trump get elected, Trump was trying to negotiate a deal with Putin’s people that would bet him and his family millions of dollars, all while lying to the American people about it. I see.

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