Cory Booker and his relentless optimism are in. But is that really what Democrats want right now?

If you liked Obama’s brand of hope-and-change, then you’re gonna LUV yourself some Booker. God knows there have been times when I have too. But is this really want Democrat’s want from their front man right now? I don’t think so.

The party is at a moment when it’s taking things very seriously, and although it absolutely continues to believe that things can and will get better, I don’t think “hope and promise” are going to carry the day. We tried “look forward, not backwards” in 2008, and that’s part of what got us here. We need someone who can simultaneously offer a promise of change and prosecute the case against the opposition, who can be both a happy warrior and a determined foe. We’ve all seen Booker do the first, but the second has never really been part of his public persona. And I just don’t think democrats are willing to take the one without the other, not this time.

Booker as a VP? No doubt. He’d CRUSH that role. But President? Not this time, I don’t think. Not this time.

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