Two quick thoughts on Gov. Ralph Northam’s yearbooks photos

1) Obviously an apology isn’t nearly enough. Northam needs to go, and he needs to go this weekend. I was in eighth grade in VA back in 1984, and I knew that blackface was f’d and the KKK was evil. He was in medical school. He was an adult. He could’ve addressed this at any time, but he waited until he got caught. And that tells you everything you need to know about who he is. That matters.

2) This yearbook has been available for anyone to see for decades. His Republican opponents could’ve used it at any point but didn’t. More to the point, rather than use the obvious line of attack this presented, they instead chose to attack him for turning his back on VA’s confederate past. Put more plainly, rather than attack him for being a racist, they instead attacked him for not being sympathetic enough to racists and nominated an avowed neoconfederate to run against him . That also matters. Remember that as they pretend to be outraged.

Gov. Ralph Northam ‘deeply sorry’ after photo emerges from his 1984 yearbook showing blackface, KKK hood
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