“No Thank You, Mr. Pecker” is baller in like 47 different ways at the same time

There are so so SO many things I want to say about Bezos’ response to attempted extortion by AMI and the National Enquirer, but I honestly don’t know where to begin.

They put all that in writing? To a guy with more money than God? To a guy who owns half the web servers in the world AND a newspaper? To a guy whose life they’ve already tried to destroy?

How many other people have they done this to who didn’t have the means to respond like this? How many people have they done this to on behalf of Trump? What do they have on Republican members of Congress? Will Bezos investigate this? Who has already contracted him, and what will he do with that information?

And what about this “we each have a natural copyright on our personal photos, so you cannot publish them without my permission” claim? Is he going to make that claim in court?

What is this universe we live in? What is even happening here?!?


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