So Iran having nuclear power is an existential threat to the US, but giving it to the Saudis is A-OK? This makes sense how?!?

They wanted to sell nuclear technology to the Saudis for their personal profit. This makes sense to the “all Muslims hate us and want to impose sharia law” how? This makes sense to the “Trump is the one who will finally put America first” people how? This makes sense to the “Uranium One is treason, and she should be jailed or worse” people how? How can anyone — and by that I literally mean anyone — think this makes ANY sense?

The Saudi Kingdom is one of the very few nations on earth that has an issue with energy supply, and I’m fairly confident I don’t need to explain why. So no, they don’t want nuclear power for power; they want it because they want a weapon. Everyone involved in this scheme understood that, and yet they enthusiastically went ahead with it anyway. Think about that. And as you do, remember how many times they promised to “never forget” 9/11.

The project was an effort to transfer U.S. nuclear energy technology to Saudi Arabia for the development of nuclear energy sites there. It was spearheaded by a company called IP3 International. Between June 2016 and December 2016, Flynn served as an advisor to a subsidiary to IP3 International called IronBridge Group, Inc. He faced scrutiny for omitting certain details about his relationship with the group on his government security clearance application forms.

From the beginning of the Trump administration, Flynn’s top aide Derek Harvey pushed for the project, described as a Middle East Marshall Plan, according to the report. Harvey claimed that Flynn had already made the decision to move forward with with the project during the transition, the report said.

Flynn is now cooperating with Mueller’s investigation, where he pleaded guilty in December 2017 to lying to the FBI about Russian contacts during the transition.

In early 2017, Harvey was warned by career staff that the White House would need to comply with Atomic Energy Act, which requires congressional approval of any transfer of nuclear technology to a foreign country, according to the report. Yet, Harvey ignored these warnings, the report said.

“Both career and political staff inside the White House reportedly agreed that Mr. Harvey’s directive could violate the law,” the report said. “One senior political official stated that the proposal was ‘not a business plan,’ but rather ‘a scheme for these generals to make some money.’ That official stated: ‘Okay, you know we cannot do this.’”

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