Space Force? There is no Space Force. There is only the Air Force, now as before

Bowing to bipartisan concerns in Congress, President Trump retreated Tuesday from his plan to create an independent “space force” in the Pentagon, proposing instead to consolidate the military’s space operations and personnel in the Air Force.

The scaled-down plan would still establish a new military service focused on war-fighting in outer space — the first new branch since 1947 — with a four-star commander who would become a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to an executive order that Trump signed Tuesday.

This is a pretty big walk back, except that it’s not back far enough. Congress will never approve this either. The Air Force already has a Space Command, and it does all the things this new “Space Force” is supposed to do. And although inter-service rivalry prevents the leaders of the branches of our armed services from agreeing on much, one thing they will all agree on and lobby Congress on is their opposition to a new co-equal competitor for resources.

So no. Even aside from the dumb name, this was never gonna happen.

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