The problem with the outrage over Cohen’s lying liar-ness

Here’s the problem with the feigned outrage over Cohen’s lies:

In his initial testimony before Congress, Cohen’s story perfectly matched that of President Trump. Almost word for word, the two men told the same story about the same set of events. So if they admit that Cohen lied in his testimony the first time around — and they clearly have admitted that — then they are necessarily admitting that Trump was also lying! Because if Cohen’s lies back then we’re so outrageous, then Trump’s lies must also be outrageous!

And that’s the point! Trump and Cohen were engaged in a conspiracy to commit felony violations of numerous laws as part of an effort to keep the public from knowing the full story about Trump! That’s why both of them lied!

Either that or Cohen told the truth back then, and then lied while pleading guilty for those crimes and then lied again while testifying today. Except that theory is so stupid that even the Republicans on the committee didn’t try to advance it.

And since someone is bound to ask, no, “he lied both times” isn’t an option, at least not if you’re trying to exonerate Trump, since Trump was telling the public the same version of events as Cohen back then.

So you see? If Cohen was lying back then, so was Trump. And if Cohen’s lies were outrageous and disqualifying, so we’re Trump’s. And if he was telling the truth back then but lying now, well…you’re off in a la la land that enot even Rep. Clay Higgins was willing to venture into. And if Trump was lying back then, not just to you and to me and to the public but also to Mueller and to the SDNY and in a wide variety of legal and financial filings, then the President has necessarily committed numerous felonies while President!

Forget Russia. Forget collusion. This is, as I’ve said from the beginning, a conspiracy to defraud the United States and a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization. Necessarily.

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