Trump believes Kim Jong Un’s explanation of the death of an American in North Korea. This is NOT normal

People Trump reflexively takes at their word:

Kim Jong Un

Vladimir Putin

Roy Moore

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Rodrigo Duerte

Abdel Fatah al-Sissi

Recep Erdogen

Jim Jordan

Sean Hannity

Rob Porter

Brett Kavanauagh

People Trump reflexively dismisses as untrustworthy

The current and former leadership at the FBI

The staff of the New York Times and Washington Post

The civil service staff at the United States Department of State

The Directors of National Intelligence

Federal judges

I could go on, but u think you get the point?


During President Donald Trump’s summit-ending news conference in Vietnam on Thursday, a reporter asked him if he’d confronted North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un about the treatment of Otto Warmbier, an American student who was imprisoned in North Korea for 15 months, only to return to the US in a comatose state in June 2017 and never recover. 

The reporter noted that despite Warmbier’s brutal death, Trump has called Kim “my friend” and repeatedly boasted about their “great relationship.” The journalist then asked him, “Have you in Singapore [during the first Trump-Kim summit] or here confronted Kim Jong Un about Otto Warmbier’s death, asked him to take responsibility, and what did he say to you?”

Trump confirmed that he had — but went on to say he takes Kim’s word for it that he had nothing to do with it.

“I really believe something very bad happened to [Warmbier], and I don’t think that the top leadership knew about it,” Trump said. “I don’t believe that [Kim] would’ve allowed that to happen. It just wasn’t in his advantage to allow that to happen.”

“Something bad happened.” The man DIED after coming home in a conspiracy. He was in their custody for more than a year and he DIED. And the President’s take is that we can’t hold North Korean leadership responsible for this because Kim Jong Un says they weren’t responsible.

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