Imagine this world with me: Court documents show President Clinton directly involved in scheme to hide illegal payments in advance of the election

Imagine the news broke that Hillary was directly involved in an illegal scheme to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in the weeks prior to the election to keep the news of her or Bill’s affair quiet. How would people react in this world?

Republicans would lose their minds, obviously. And before you say “Democrats would rally behind her,” remember how they reacted to far less damaging news about Senator Al Franken? THAT would be how they react.

I point this out not to scream HYPOCRISY. That’s pointless, and all y’all need to stop with that. No. I point it out to remind you once again that when they cloak their outrage in the language of morality and ethics, you shod forevermore ignore that rhetoric, safe in the hard earned knowledge that they never meant any of it. It’s a cloak and a disguise designed to help them achieve their purely partisan goals, no different from the manner in which their pious pleadings about how debt threatens THE CHILDREN disappear a short nanosecond after they take control from their opponents.

They mean none of it. Not the rank and file. Not David Brooks. Not Eric Erickson. Not Steve Bannon. Not Bill Kristol. Not Rand Paul. Not a single one of them.

Y’all didn’t believe me before. Now you’ve seen for yourselves. None of it.


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