An Emergency Declaration would be an extraordinarily stupid precedent to set.

Sure, this solves their short-term problem. Trump makes the declaration, attempts to comandeer the resources, and gets tied up in court while regular appropriations get passed. Ok.

But long term? Y’all aren’t paying attention if you don’t think the new generation of Democrats won’t use the same set of powers in the future for their own ends. It’s inevitable.

There’s a really simple rule to live by: never support the use of a set of powers by your pqrty that you arent willing to later recognize as legitimate when your opponents inevitably use them too.

Don’t built a surveillance state you don’t want your opponents running. Don’t start a war you don’t want your opponents managing. Don’t support the use of emergency powers you don’t want your opponents to use. Not now. Not ever. It will always end up a mistake. Always.

All This “Pelosi Won’t Be Speaker” Stuff Has Always Been Ridiculous

Leaving entirely aside her personal politics, Pelosi is one of the most gifted caucus leaders in all of our history. There was not ever any chance she would lose her bid for the gavel. She knew exactly who needed to vote against her in the caucus meeting before coming around to vote for her on the floor. And yeah, this guy was always one of them:

So much of what passes for political news is just reporters needing a story they can cover as if politics was just sport. She’s up! She’s down! She’s losing! She has momentum!

That’s not how things work, especially not inside the halls of Congress.