“Pelosi’s freshmen fracture amid GOP pressure.” Or not at all, if you actually can read

Politico runs with the inevitable DEMOCRATS IN DISARRAY theme. Only…

Freshmen Democrats in swing districts say they have no plan to stop voting with the GOP when they feel the need. They’ve even been given the blessing to do so by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), despite resistance from Pelosi.
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Yeah, sure. Clyburn and Hoyer are for it but Pelosi isn’t. She’s being outmaneuvered by her deputies and by Republicam leadership at the same time. Makes sense.

In other news, you wanna buy a bridge? I’ve got a really good deal for you if you actually!

For gods sake–this is exactly, precisely the story Pelosi would want told about these members in swing districts. They’re bucking leadership! They’re independent! They’re double-crossing Pelosi! And the worst part of it is, I’d be willing to bet that at least one of the reporters on this story knows that’s what’s going on.

Stop it. Stop. It.

Two quick thoughts on Gov. Ralph Northam’s yearbooks photos

1) Obviously an apology isn’t nearly enough. Northam needs to go, and he needs to go this weekend. I was in eighth grade in VA back in 1984, and I knew that blackface was f’d and the KKK was evil. He was in medical school. He was an adult. He could’ve addressed this at any time, but he waited until he got caught. And that tells you everything you need to know about who he is. That matters.

2) This yearbook has been available for anyone to see for decades. His Republican opponents could’ve used it at any point but didn’t. More to the point, rather than use the obvious line of attack this presented, they instead chose to attack him for turning his back on VA’s confederate past. Put more plainly, rather than attack him for being a racist, they instead attacked him for not being sympathetic enough to racists and nominated an avowed neoconfederate to run against him . That also matters. Remember that as they pretend to be outraged.

Gov. Ralph Northam ‘deeply sorry’ after photo emerges from his 1984 yearbook showing blackface, KKK hood
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/local/virginia-politics/va-gov-northams-medical-school-yearbook-page-shows-men-in-blackface-kkk-robe/2019/02/01/517a43ee-265f-11e9-90cd-dedb0c92dc17_story.html

The Freedom Caucus now supports asset forfeiture and presidential emergency declarations. Remember this next time

It’s all fraudulent, the invocations of freedom and limited government and “don’t tread on me” hatred of government. They mean none of it. They never have

Had a Democrat done any of this, they would’ve pretended to object on principle, but that was always a lie. What’s changed is that’s now been made obvious.

And yet,,,here’s one of the leaders of the House Freedom Caucus enthusiastically endorsing the second of emergency powers to seize private property inorder to advance their public policy agenda. By definition, whatever principles he has, they don’t prohibit this.


Don’t forget this next time. Take none of their “principled” complaints seriously. They mean none of it. None. Of. It.

And they say we’re the ones with the identity politics problem: “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

They are who we thought they were. They’re what we thought they were:

“I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” Minton told Mazzei. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

Source: A Trump voter hurt by the shutdown’s incredibly revealing quote – Vox

Once upon a time you all lived through, they were the party of “family values” and “christian values” and “faith and freedom.” I’ve spent the better part of two decades trying to convince people that it was all a fraud, and for the longest time most of my non-political friends thought I was a bit daft in my insistence that it was all just a front for centuries-old white identity politics of the Southern variety. “There are no Southern racists in Montana and Nebraska,” they would say.

Y’all believe me now, right?!? We’re weren’t imagining those dog whistles. They meant what we said they meant, and now they’re saying all the quiet parts out loud.

An Emergency Declaration would be an extraordinarily stupid precedent to set.


Sure, this solves their short-term problem. Trump makes the declaration, attempts to comandeer the resources, and gets tied up in court while regular appropriations get passed. Ok.

But long term? Y’all aren’t paying attention if you don’t think the new generation of Democrats won’t use the same set of powers in the future for their own ends. It’s inevitable.

There’s a really simple rule to live by: never support the use of a set of powers by your pqrty that you arent willing to later recognize as legitimate when your opponents inevitably use them too.

Don’t built a surveillance state you don’t want your opponents running. Don’t start a war you don’t want your opponents managing. Don’t support the use of emergency powers you don’t want your opponents to use. Not now. Not ever. It will always end up a mistake. Always.

Disjunction Junction

Disjunctive presidents wake up after the midterms to discover they desperately need the establishment for their survival, only to discover that they’ve spent so much time pissing the establishment off with their style of rhetoric and governance that the establishment no longer wants or needs to protect them.

About that: washingtonmonthly.com/2018/12/13/trump-suddenly-realizes-his-survival-depends-on-the-establishment/

“You can make anything a crime. I don’t care…he’s doing a good job.”

The party of law and order, limited government, and the constitution now taking the position that the laws don’t matter so long as they believe their guy is doing a good job.

I won’t even bother to pull his quotes from the Clinton impeachment. You can guess.

Remember this. Remember this the next time they make pious arguments from the minority. This is who they are, and this is part of what they believe. It isn’t an abberation. Remember this.

— Read on www.vox.com/platform/amp/policy-and-politics/2018/12/12/18137479/trump-cohen-payments-crimes-republican-response